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We are always looking for people interested in joining the Skilton Family Associaton.

How Can You Join?

To join we need a completed application and membership dues for the first year. Please contact us for more information and a copy of the application.

Who Can Join?

To become a member of the Skilton Family Association you must be a descendent of Captain James and Chloe Steele Skilton or the spouse of a descendent. 
There are 3 classes of membership: 
  • Sustaining Members ($7.00 annual dues per family)
  • Senior Members (age 80 or above - no annual dues)
  • Statistical Members (no charge)

Benefits of Membership

By being a Sustaining Member (or Senior Member) of the Dr. Henry Skilton Family Association you will receive a copy of the annual Reunion Report which includes an updated genealogical information including information on births, deaths, and marriages.
Sustaining Members and Senior Members are also granted access to the secure portions of this website which include past Reunion Reports.
You will also receive a mailing each year informing you of the plans for the next Skilton Family Reunion.

Historical Background

Several bequests have been received and these permit THE ASSOCIATION to pay almost all of the costs of the Reunions aside from food costs.

THE ASSOCIATION is a cooperative, non-profit, family organization. As such, it has no dues nor assessments (other than the dues paid by Sustaining Members to cover printing and postage of Reunion Reports and Reunion Announcements). Members cannot in any way be held responsible for its activities. From voluntary gifts, from bequests, and from the sale of books and china, a small surplus has been accumulated. There is no possible reason why any eligible person should not apply for membership.

If any descendant of Captain James and Chloe Steele Skilton is not at present particularly concerned with family and genealogical affairs, his descendants some day may have such an interest and they might well wish that he had had the foresight to keep in close touch with one of the oldest families in the United States.

The Captain James Skilton Family Association
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