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Background information related to the Skilton message boards.

 The message boards can be used by family members to share news and information with other family members.  To see the advantages of communicating through a message board versus communicating directly using e-mail click here.

There are 2  "private" message boards, one for general communications, and one for use by the Skilton Family Association officers and trustees.  Because the message boards are private, you must subscribe to the message board and be approved for access by the Webmaster before you can send messages to them or access them using a web browser. 

To subscribe to the general message board, unsubscribe from the general message board, post a message to the general message board, or view the message board using your web browser click here.

Note:  You must be subscribed to the message board in order to view it from your web browser using the links below.  If you are receiving e-mail from then you are already subscribed and you can skip this step.

The following links will allow you to access the message boards using your web browser:

When you click on one of the links below you will be prompted to "sign in" to use the message board.  When prompted, give your e-mail address and the password you specified the first time you accessed the message board from your web browser.   Please click here for additional information on how to sign in.  

If this is your first time accessing the message board via the web you must first register a new "sign in id" with YahooGroups.  Please click here for additional information on how to register.   If you have problems or questions please contact the Webmaster.

Note:  The message boards will open in a new browser window.  When you are finished viewing the message board you may simply close that browser window.



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