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Welcome to The Captain James Skilton Family Association web site!

Our full name is "The Captain James and Chloe Steele Skilton Family Association" however,

  • we are often referred to as "The Captain James Skilton Family Association"
  • and occasionally, as "The Skilton Family Association".
This website provides information about Captain James Skilton and his wife Chloe Steele Skilton, and their descendants.

What is Currently on The Website? 

The public side includes several searchable Skilton Genealogy books.  
The secure side contains the Annual Reunion Reports and an index to the Reunion Reports.

There are 90 years of Reunion Reports in print.  At this time, the following is available online:
  • Reunion Reports for 38 years (1971 - 2008)  

  • An Index to 48 Years of Reunion Reports (1923 - 1970)

    Even though these 48 years of Reunion Reports are not yet online, the Index can be very helpful when trying to locate information about someone.
Coming Soon 

Work is underway to put all 90 years of Annual Reunion Reports online.  
There is much valuable Skilton genealogy data (including births, marriages, and deaths) hidden away in the Reunion Reports.  this will provide easy access to the data and enable one to search for specific information quickly.

Access to the Secure Side of Our Website 

Want access to the Reunion Reports and Index?  You get it by joining our email list.  Everyone on our mailing list has logon credentials to the secure side of You can join our email list by clicking here.

Please get in touch to offer comments or corrections.

The Captain James Skilton Family Association
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